Our Story

As pro natural athletes, certified personal trainers, and serial entrepreneurs, we’ve been able to learn the ins and outs of the fitness industry throughout the past 30 years.

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What we’ve learned is that it is a very shady and mediocre industry, with supplement companies manufacturing the cheapest products possible to increase their profit margins, vitamin store sales associates selling people whatever will make them the most commission, and personal trainers/fitness “experts” teaching new, ineffective exercises to “change it up” for their clients…

We realized this is why supplement companies have earned such a bad reputation, because of this vicious cycle of mediocrity, creating cheap products that don’t work and hyping them up with fancy labels and false promises that ultimately leave people frustrated and hopeless.

As busy professionals and entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how precious your time is, which is exactly why we created UNALTERED Athletics.

Our goal is to make an honest industry out of a dishonest one by helping fellow busy professionals and entrepreneurs transform their body through supplements that work, and free time-tested fitness content that produce real results in and out of the gym.