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Slim Tighten Tone

Slim Tighten Tone

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Is stubborn belly fat robbing you of the body confidence you

The stomach area is one of the most common regions of the body for excessive
fat accumulation, and one of the hardest areas to lose fat.

Fortunately, there is a natural fatty acid known as CLA, or
Conjugated Linoleic Acid, that has been shown to stimulate our PPAR receptor,
which directly influences our body’s ability to burn fat and support a healthy

CLA is naturally present in foods like meat, nuts, and cheese. However, the
amount is too small to produce any significant effects when it comes to weight
loss and getting rid of stubborn belly fat.

This is why we developed UNALTERED Slim Tighten Tone – a concentrated extract
of CLA, at the clinically-tested dose (3,000mg) to help:

Trim Down Belly Fat & Slim Waistline - CLA can
help you reduce stubborn body fat and achieve your weight loss goals. It works
by modulating energy metabolism and adipogenesis to keep those unwanted pounds
at bay.

Boost Metabolism - CLA is believed to amplify your
body's metabolic rate, letting you burn more calories, even at rest. It's like
having a personal fitness coach working for you around the clock!

Support Lean & Toned Muscle - Apart from reducing
body fat, CLA helps promote lean muscle growth. More muscle means more calories
burned, paving the way for accelerated weight loss.

If you’ve already made the commitment to
optimize your exercise and nutrition regimen, and you need that extra support
to get rid of that stubborn belly fat… try UNALTERED Slim Tighten Tone today!

How To Use

Take 3 capsules daily: one with breakfast, lunch, and
dinner. It is not required to take this supplement with food, yet we recommend
taking it with food to help avoid a potentially upset stomach. Since this
product is non-stimulant, you can also take it near bedtime, if needed. For
optimal results, follow an exercise program and calorie-controlled diet.

Clinical Studies

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid):CLA is a natural fatty acid that has been shown to affect our PPAR receptor family, which is responsible for fat-burning. Research suggests that it may help reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and improve metabolic health, which can support weight loss efforts. 1 2

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