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If you are overweight, male or female, and need an efficient yet effective method for losing weight, keep reading!

This article is intended for those who are overwhelmed by the amount of information that’s available on the internet, and just want the simple, time-tested, efficient yet effective method to losing weight.

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Did you know that 45% to 61% of top male CEOs are overweight?

This statistic is worry-some when you consider the potential opportunities that might go wasted by these CEOs simply for not having a proper diet and exercise regime. What ideas could they have come up with? Could they have solved a problem better? Worked a bit smarter? What’s the total impact to top-line revenue?

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My aim is to provide you with the complete, A-Z guide (based on science) on everything you need to know about belly fat and how to get rid of it.

This article is beneficial for those who have a lot of belly fat to lose, as well as those who are already fairly lean, but want to tone their lower abdominals specifically.

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